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Why Choose Concrete Tile Roofing?

Concrete tile roofing is an extremely durable material. Apart from offering  superior protection, the material is also known to offer great savings in terms of energy costs.

Concrete tile roofing has a proven record of performance, lasting much longer than, say, asphalt shingles. 

Modern Concrete Tiles

With today’s modern engineering design, concrete tiles are engineered with natural water shedding and ventilation features, making this material the preferred option for virtually every steep-slope roofing contractor. Moreover, concrete has a limitless variety of colors and styles. Tiles can be flat or round or made to look like wood shakes, or they can even simulate centuries-old roofing materials. 

The Weight of Concrete

Concrete tile is weighty, and that’s significant because that means it can provide long-lasting protection without developing problems like other roofing materials typically do. Homeowners today have become more aware of the benefits of heavier roofing. Homes today are built to support the weight of a concrete tile roof because a heavier roof can also help strengthen the home’s resistance to severe weather. A concrete tile roofing system is one of the select roofing systems that can withstand 150 miles per hour sustained winds when installed correctly.


Concrete tile roofs are also one of the most cost-efficient choices, with an expected life span of 60 years or more. Manufacturers offer warranties from 50 years up to the life of the structure. Moreover, properly installed concrete tiles need very minimal maintenance throughout the roof’s lifetime. When damaged, even the best roof repair contractor you hire to remedy the problem will agree that you’ve made a smart and practical choice; only the section of the roof that’s been damaged needs be replaced, providing significant savings.  

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